Saturday, August 19, 2017

Marc Almond to Release ‘Shadows and Reflections’ Album

MARC ALMOND will release a brand new album, 'Shadows and Reflections', on September 22nd in advance of a UK tour.

'Shadows and Reflections' is an album of orchestral arrangements of iconic torch songs and orchestral pop music from the 1960s and features a selection of tracks made famous by artists like Burt Bacharach, The Yardbirds, Bobby Darin, Julie Driscoll and Billy Fury as well as two brand new songs.

The album will be followed by a UK tour that will see Almond perform songs from the album alongside other hits and lost classics from the era.

A solo album of new material is scheduled for 2019.

Neil Arthur Announces New Project, Fader

Neil Arthur announces new project, Fader,
plus a new Blancmange album and a Near Future collaboration…

BLANCMANGE's NEIL ARTHUR has announced his involvement in a new project, FADER, which is a collaboration with BENGE, who in turn is also a member of WRANGLER and JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS.

The first release from the project will be an album entitled 'First Light' which is described as being "full of powerful electronic pop songs – up-tempo, dark, with flickers of beauty in the sounds and rhythms".

Here's the title track from 'First Light':

Meanwhile Neil Arthur will release a new Blancmange album, 'Unfurnished Rooms', in September and is currently collaborating with art-pop electronic artist Bernholz on his forthcoming Near Future project.

In March 2011, Blancmange reunited and released their fourth studio album, Blanc Burn.
Luscombe then left the band again, though Arthur elected to continue recording and performing as Blancmange.

Blancmange performed a UK tour in November 2013, during which they played their 1982 debut album (Happy Families) in its entirety.
On 9 March 2015, the first single from Semi Detached, "Paddington", was released.
Commuter 23, a studio album containing 14 tracks, was released on 11 March 2016.

Friday, July 21, 2017

SPARKS: Release New Studio Album, 'Hippopotamus'

SPARKS will release a brand new studio album, 'Hippopotamus', on September 8th.

The band will be on the road with 'The Hippopotamus Tour' in the UK and across Europe in August and September to promote the release.

Friday, June 30, 2017

SHRIEKBACK: Announce First Live Performances for Twenty-five Years

SHRIEKBACK have announced three UK shows, their first live performances for nearly twenty-five years, that took place in Manchester, Glasgow and London in June.

The shows come off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the band raise over £40,000 to invest in the logistics and equipment that playing live involves, and once the UK shows are over the band intend to play festivals and set their sights on North American shows in 2018.


The Greatest Hits Acoustic by The Cure, released for Record Store Day April 22nd as a limited edition 12-inch double picture disc, and now a 2-Vinyl Set featuring their best known tracks including; “Love Song”, “Friday I’m In Love”, “Never Enough”, “Mint Car”, "Boys Don't Cry", "The Lovecats" and many more.

Available on Rhino Records.
Previously only available as a limited edition CD.

Friday, June 2, 2017

OMD Gets Kraftwerkian, Examines Our Emoji Present In A Zoetropic Video For 'Isotype'

by Lars Gotrich

OMD's new song is a soaring six minutes of deeply Kraftwerk-ian vocoder-pop, a masterclass in soulful electronic from a pair that's been making music for four decades. In total OMD fashion, the new song takes a lesson from art history and applies it the modern day, examining how winky and smiling-poop icons have replaced everyday language.

"Emojis are the new Isotypes," synthesist Paul Humphreys offers in the British synthpop band's forthcoming track-by-track explanation of the new album, The Punishment Of Luxury.

An Isotype is a distillation of information into simple, visual imagery, originally developed by Austrian philosopher Otto Neurath and German Modern artist Gerd Arntz in the 1930s. For the "Isotype" video, director Henning M. Lederer turns Arntz's original images into a hypnotic zoetrope-inspired wheel of concentric-spinning symbols. It's a great visualization for OMD, which wanted to explore a 20th century art form in the context of the modern world.

"It's become a metaphor," says singer Andy McCluskey in that upcoming video. "Now you have your phone set to where, in addition to having spell check, it will thrown in emojis — whether you want them or not. The way you write is being distilled. I was playing with the idea ... where our communication values systems are being reduced to the point where you actually wonder if you're getting the point over, but it's also stripped down. It's just, 'Text me.'"

"The Punishment Of Luxury" comes out Sept. 1 via 100% Records.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Poptone: Members of Bauhaus Reunite at The Rio

by Annie Zaleski

For fans of ’80s post-punk and goth, Poptone is a godsend. The new band features guitarist/vocalist Daniel Ash and drummer Kevin Haskins performing songs released by their beloved groups Bauhaus, Love And Rockets and Tones On Tail.

Until Poptone’s formation, Ash never thought he would tour again. It took an inadvertent nudge from Motörhead’s late leader, Lemmy Kilmister, to change his mind. Several months ago, Ash fell asleep while listening to ambient music on YouTube via headphones—then woke up at 4 a.m. with Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” blaring in his ears.

“Waking up and hearing that, the pennies sort of dropped,” Ash says. “It was obvious that I should go back on the road after all these years of not wanting to do it.”

Ash gave the idea a day or two to marinate, then reached out to Haskins—who, coincidentally, had been considering revisiting the same material.
“We were talking about doing a DJ tour, and then I suggested, ‘Why don’t we do a live band tour?’” Haskins chimes in. “And I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days. I didn’t know that Daniel had this whole epiphany. I suddenly got this text saying, ‘Well, who’s going to play bass?’ I was like, ‘You want to do it?’ I was kind of shocked and then really excited.”

Haskins’ daughter, Diva Dompe, nabbed the bass gig by nailing the line to Tones On Tail’s most recognizable track, “Go!” (Ash says he bought Dompe her first bass guitar years ago, for her 13th birthday.)

Tones On Tail songs actually comprise 70 percent of Poptone’s setlist.
Ash says he’s “delighted” by that proportion, since he wants that band—which released just one full-length and performed sporadically during its brief time together in the early ’80s—to find a wider audience.

“I think out of the three bands, it was my favorite,” he says. “I still think that music stands up really well. [But the band] was very, very underground when it came out. I’m excited about the idea of a whole new generation of people checking it out, that band’s music.”

Poptone’s gig at The Rio in Santa Cruz on May 30th captured the roaring, abrasive darkness that made the original bands so alluring, with a setlist featuring Tones On Tail’s “Christian Says” and “There’s Only One,” along with Love And Rockets’ “Mirror People” and “Sweet F.A.,” Bauhaus’ “Slice of Life,” David Bowie, Adam Ant and Elvis Presley covers.
“We’re just playing the songs that are our favorites, and what we presume the public’s favorites to be,” Ash says. “This is definitely not a tour of playing obscure stuff that nobody’s ever heard and being arty-farty about it. We’re definitely doing something that we hope is commercially viable, something that from start to finish works.”

Intertwining cuts from these 3 bands’ discographies, plus Daniel Ash’s latest solo single, Poptone easily conquered the crowd. Favorites such as “Go”, “No Big Deal”,  “An American Dream” and “Mirror People” were certainly highlights.

Poptone recently announced a live album via PledgeMusic, and the group already has tour dates scheduled through July.
It’s a testament to how well things are going for the band, and how much “synchronicity” Ash sees with Poptone’s launch—from easily finding open rehearsal space to amassing modern gear with the proper vintage sound and feel.

Heartbreak Hotel
OK, This Is the Pops
Mirror People
Movement of Fear
No Big Deal
Love Me
An American Dream
Christian Says
There's Only One
Cracked Actor

Physical (You're So)
Flame On

Encore 2:
Slice of Life
Sweet F.A.