Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun Boy Three: The End (live)

During a Solstice Celebration last month, my friend and I were talking about Fun Boy Three. He had complained about going on a trip to the UK with the idea of hunting down rare live recordings and finding out that there were not many (if any) Fun Boy Three shows. He was told that back in the day, portable cassette recorders were still kind of new and that not many fan recordings were ever made.

When he finally got see Fun Boy Three perform years later in the US, in the early '90s, he told me they did this cool rendition of The Doors classic "The End."

I thought maybe, by now, somebody must have posted some TV footage ans sure enough -- here it is! I recorded the audio, fixed the beginning with some editing and now we have and audio track for "The End (live 1983)."