Friday, November 19, 1982

Bauhaus: Oxford Road Show (BBC 19-11-82)

Bauhaus perform "The Passion Of Lovers" and a "Lagartija Nick-Atonin Artaud Medley" on the Oxford Road Show 19-11-82.

Thursday, November 11, 1982

The Mighty 690: XETRA. Tijuana Mexico 11th Nov 1982

The Mighty 690 - XETRA. Tijuana Mexico, all airchecks are unscoped (they include all the music) and are about an hour long each.
The Mighty 690 aimed its programming at Los Angeles – some 200 miles to the north, despite a transmitter in the badlands of Baja California south of the border in the Rosarito area. With 77,500 watts days (which, by virtue of it’s location on the AM dial gave it an effective 100,000 watts!) and 50KW at night, this station could be heard all over Southern California. Indeed, the Mighty 690 even had remote studios in Burbank, California.

Although the station was owned by a Mexican company per Mexican law, it was run by an American company. Thus, an English language Top 40 format evolved by the 1980s.

XETRA was a 50,000 watt "border blaster" out of Tijuana with a directional antenna, heard in up to 37 states at night it was a rockin top 40 station that played only the hottest hits! All the music it played was pitched up, and the DJ banter was frantic, here's a few airchecks.

Richard Sands 11th Nov 1982
Jeff Hunter 30th Nov 1982
Jim Law 18th Dec 1982
Jim Richards 4th Feb 1983
Jim Law 17th Feb 1983
Rob Tonkin 26th Feb 1983
Michael Boss 19th March 1983
Steve Sande 26th August 1983

Thursday, October 28, 1982

KFRC: 610 AM San Francisco Oct. 28, 1982

KFRC: 610 AM San Francisco Oct. 28, 1982
featuring Jackson Armstrong.
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Sunday, October 10, 1982

R.E.M.: Raleigh Underground, 10 Oct, 1982

R.E.M. Live from the Raleigh Underground ALMOST-COMPLETE SHOW, 10 Oct 1982 
Less than two months earlier the band released their first EP, CHRONIC TOWN (I.R.S. Records, 24 Aug 1982).

This is the earliest known professionally shot video of a live R.E.M. gig.
1. Wolves, Lower (CHRONIC TOWN)
2. Laughing (MURMUR)
3. 1,000,000 (CHRONIC TOWN) - Note: Mitch Easter, who produced CHRONIC TOWN as well as the band's first two LPs, MURMUR and RECKONING (with Don Dixon), joins the band on guitar.
4. Moral Kiosk (MURMUR)
5. Catapult (MURMUR)
6. West of the Fields (MURMUR)
7. Radio Free Europe (MURMUR)
8. Ages of Yo
9. We Walk (MURMUR)
10. Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars) (CHRONIC TOWN)
11. Skank

Stipe - v
Buck - g
Mills - b
Berry - d
Mitch Easter - g on 1,000,000

Psychedelic Furs: Hammersmith Odeon, London 82-10-10

Monday, October 4, 1982

Bauhaus: Old Grey Whistle Test (live BBC 4-10-82)

Bauhaus performing on the legendary British TV music show Old Grey Whistle Test."A Spy in the Cab" and "Ziggy Stardust."

Thursday, September 16, 1982

KFOG: 104.5 FM San Francisco Sept 17, 1982

KFOG: 104.5 FM San Francisco Sept 17, 1982
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KFOG: 104.5 FM San Francisco Sept 16, 1982

KFOG: 104.5 FM San Francisco Sept 16, 1982
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Monday, July 26, 1982

KROQ: "World Famous" 106.7 FM Los Angeles July 26, 1982

Back in the early 80s, KROQ, KNAC in Los Angeles and 91X in San Diego were the only commercial radio stations in southern California that played "New Wave" and Punk music.

For many people, the first time they heard U2, REM, Billy Idol, The B-52s, New Order, Depeche Mode or The Cure, they had their radios tuned to 106.7, 105.5 or 91.1 FM. 

Actual audio from the "world famous" KROQ includes nostalgic commercials, drop ins and DJs Poor Man, Dusty Street, Richard Blade and others.

Here's early KROQ archival audio from  
KROQ July 26, 1982.

KROQ 1 1988 10th Bday mix
KROQ 1 B 1988 10th Bday mix
kroq 2 side 1
kroq 2 side 2
kroq 3 side1  Depeche Mode is evil
kroq 3 side 2 with Poor Man
kroq 4 side 1 Tweek your ex
kroq 4 side 2 June, 1988

Special thanks to Zack and DJ Craig for making these available!

Jed was away from KROQ in San Francisco on FM 99 The Quake KQAK 98.9, along with Oz Medina and many others (1985).

Freddy Snakeskin IS still on the LA airwaves. He runs and hosts KROQ2, the HD band of the station which plays the classic "Roq of the '80s" format. Doug "The Slug"/"Sluggo" Roberts also DJs afternoon drive time.

It's HD, but it's terrestrial radio, and also available to stream for free around the world on

Monday, May 3, 1982

KGO: 810 FM San Francisco May 3, 1982

KGO: 810 FM San Francisco May 3, 1982
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Sunday, April 11, 1982

The Cure: L'Echo des Bananes, Paris April 11, 1982

The Cure en "L'Echo des Bananes" en 1982, interpretando: One Hundred Years, Cold, The Hanging Garden, Play for Today, A Forest, The Figurehead.

Wednesday, March 17, 1982

Friday, January 15, 1982