Monday, July 26, 1982

KROQ: "World Famous" 106.7 FM Los Angeles July 26, 1982

Back in the early 80s, KROQ, KNAC in Los Angeles and 91X in San Diego were the only commercial radio stations in southern California that played "New Wave" and Punk music.

For many people, the first time they heard U2, REM, Billy Idol, The B-52s, New Order, Depeche Mode or The Cure, they had their radios tuned to 106.7, 105.5 or 91.1 FM. 

Actual audio from the "world famous" KROQ includes nostalgic commercials, drop ins and DJs Poor Man, Dusty Street, Richard Blade and others.

Here's early KROQ archival audio from  
KROQ July 26, 1982.

KROQ 1 1988 10th Bday mix
KROQ 1 B 1988 10th Bday mix
kroq 2 side 1
kroq 2 side 2
kroq 3 side1  Depeche Mode is evil
kroq 3 side 2 with Poor Man
kroq 4 side 1 Tweek your ex
kroq 4 side 2 June, 1988

Special thanks to Zack and DJ Craig for making these available!

Jed was away from KROQ in San Francisco on FM 99 The Quake KQAK 98.9, along with Oz Medina and many others (1985).

Freddy Snakeskin IS still on the LA airwaves. He runs and hosts KROQ2, the HD band of the station which plays the classic "Roq of the '80s" format. Doug "The Slug"/"Sluggo" Roberts also DJs afternoon drive time.

It's HD, but it's terrestrial radio, and also available to stream for free around the world on

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