Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Cure Return With their 14th Studio Album

The Cure will return this year with their 14th studio album. The goth-pop greats have announced that the long-awaited follow-up to 2008's 4:13 Dream will be out sometime "in the next few months." According to the statement, the upcoming LP was recorded at the same time as 4:13 Dream and is tentatively titled 4:14 Scream. No other details on the full-length are available.

Robert Smith and co. are also planning to put out several live concert DVDs in the coming months, but specifics on that project aren't clear yet either.

What is clear, though, is that the Cure are plotting another "Trilogy" world tour for late 2014. The next installment in the band's signature series — in which they perform three of their albums in full — will focus on their mid-'80s output: 1984's The Top, 1985's The Head on the Door, and 1987's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

The Cure will headline the upcoming Bottlerock Festival in Napa, CA May 31-June 2.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thurston Moore Speaks Out on Split With Kim Gordon

Thurston Moore Speaks Out on Split With Kim Gordon
Thurston Moore spoke about the lingering pain from his split with wife and Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon, as well as his current relationship with Eva Prinz in a new interview with The Fly.
"I'm involved in a really sweet relationship and it really does make me happy, it truly does," Moore said. "But I’ll always have that experience of sadness that a separation brings, especially one that was as important, not just to me, but everybody around us. There have been some fall-outs, but that’s to be expected. It's pretty heavy."

Moore kept mum on the more private details about the split, including the nature of his relationship with Prinz while still married to Gordon. In an interview with Elle last year, Gordon said their marriage "ended in a kind of normal way – midlife crisis, starstruck woman." While he didn't comment specifically on Gordon's interview, Moore said that the two do not tell each other what they can and can't say, and that it comes down to what they each choose to divulge.
"I’ve had some life issues," Moore said. "In your 40s and 50s, things can change in ways that upset the order of things that have been established over 25 years-plus of marriage. It's really distressing. You have to work through it, it's very personal and I don't really talk about it so much."
Caught up in all of this was, of course, the music the couple made together in Sonic Youth, and their divorce effectively put the band on an indefinite hiatus. While Moore says that makes things more complicated, his focus is on the future: "I’m in a really romantic place with Eva; we've kind of been a couple for close to six years. A lot of those years, nobody was very aware of it except us. The cat's been out of the bag a while now, that's kinda where I'm at."

Both Moore and Gordon have moved on to new musical projects since Sonic Youth disbanded. Gordon and guitarist Bill Nace released Coming Apart, their debut album as the noise outfit Body/Head last year, while Moore also released the first record for his new band Chelsea Light Moving.

Moore reportedly has a new solo record in the works as well, which could see release on Matador later this year. He described the music as "fun, dangerous, liberation of the idea of noise as complete rock'n'roll," adding, "The ideas are coming from my own guitar playing. I'm taking ideas to [guitarist] James Sedwards. He's remarkable and we met through Eva. It's local happenstance."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brian Eno and Underworld's Karl Hyde Launch 'The Satellites'

Brian Eno and Underworld's Karl Hyde have released "The Satellites," the first taste of their collaborative album, Someday World, out May 6th on Warp. You can take a listen to the bustling dance cut above, which blends rushing tick-tack percussion, striking synth blares and crestfallen, near monotonous, vocals from Eno.

The track also features a number of guest collaborators, including Eno's old Roxy Music cohort Andy Mackay on alto sax and the ambient legend's daughter Darla (credited with lending the track those crucial "Ooh"s). "The Satellites" also includes contibutions from Georgia Gibson on alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, John Reynolds on drums, and producer Fred Gibson on piano, drums, bass and backing vocals.
Eno and Hyde tapped a number of different musicians to help out on the rest of Someday World, including Coldplay drummer Will Champion and his wife Marianne, as well as soul singer Don-E and viola player Nell Catchpole.

You'll also be able to catch Eno singing on "Heavy Seas of Love," the final cut on Everyday Robots, the upcoming solo debut from Gorillaz and Blur's Damon Albarn. "I've gotten to know him since we belong to the same health club, though we engage in very different activities," Albarn said of Eno in a recent chat with Rolling Stone. "Mine are mind-numbing, machine-based running things. He was doing something much more interesting: unisex water aerobics. Even in the health club, he's being Brian Eno. I just figured you don't hear his voice very often, so I thought it would be a great idea to get him to sing."