Friday, August 26, 1983

The Mighty 690: XETRA. Tijuana Mexico 26th August 1983

The Mighty 690 - XETRA. Tijuana Mexico, all airchecks are unscoped (they include all the music) and are about an hour long each.

XETRA was a 50,000 watt "border blaster" out of Tijuana with a directional antenna pointed straight at Los Angeles, heard in up to 37 states at night it was a rockin top 40 station that played only the hottest hits! All the music it played was pitched up, and the DJ banter was frantic, here's a few airchecks.

Richard Sands 11th Nov 1982
Jeff Hunter 30th Nov 1982
Jim Law 18th Dec 1982
Jim Richards 4th Feb 1983
Jim Law 17th Feb 1983
Rob Tonkin 26th Feb 1983
Michael Boss 19th March 1983
Steve Sande 26th August 1983

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