Sunday, October 10, 1982

R.E.M.: Raleigh Underground, 10 Oct, 1982

R.E.M. Live from the Raleigh Underground ALMOST-COMPLETE SHOW, 10 Oct 1982 
Less than two months earlier the band released their first EP, CHRONIC TOWN (I.R.S. Records, 24 Aug 1982).

This is the earliest known professionally shot video of a live R.E.M. gig.
1. Wolves, Lower (CHRONIC TOWN)
2. Laughing (MURMUR)
3. 1,000,000 (CHRONIC TOWN) - Note: Mitch Easter, who produced CHRONIC TOWN as well as the band's first two LPs, MURMUR and RECKONING (with Don Dixon), joins the band on guitar.
4. Moral Kiosk (MURMUR)
5. Catapult (MURMUR)
6. West of the Fields (MURMUR)
7. Radio Free Europe (MURMUR)
8. Ages of Yo
9. We Walk (MURMUR)
10. Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars) (CHRONIC TOWN)
11. Skank

Stipe - v
Buck - g
Mills - b
Berry - d
Mitch Easter - g on 1,000,000

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