Friday, August 2, 1985

91X: "The Cutting Edge Of Rock" San Diego, August 2, 1985

On January 12,1983, programmer Rick Carroll walked into 91X with a cardboard box. He dumped it on the table in front of the staff and said, "I'm Rick from Los Angeles and this is your new format." 

The playlist was much like KROQs. But they would sprinkle in artists like Dire Straits and Bob Marley to mix things up a bit.
91X actually had a more diverse mix than KROQ when, in the mid 80s, "The Roq" began to narrow their playlist and play popular songs in tight rotation. 

91X Archival Recordings:
91X 1 August 1984
91X 6 August 1984
91X August 2 1985

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