Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Mighty 690: All 80's Radio

If you grew up in San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles during the same time that I did, I don’t need to tell you about The Mighty 690.
You remember, and can still here the bizarre, Spanish intros they’d play before you’d hear Duran Duran, Don Henley, Gary Numan, Billy Idol, Men At Work, Thomas Dolby and more.
The history of the AM radio station is right here.

All 80's Radio for Southern California AND Planet Earth
Click listen now to listen live.

Chris, the Intern, wanted to build an 80’s station online. For this tribute he wanted everything to be as authentic as possible.
He hopes you enjoy this little piece of retro cyberspace. He won’t be successful without your support. When you’re listening, tell your friends on social media. 

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