Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dead Or Alive: BBC John Peel Session

After releasing the first single in 1980
"I’m Falling", the same line-up of:

Joe Musker - Drums
Sue Bagton-James - Bass
Marty/Mandingo Healy - Keyboards
Adrian Mitchley - Guitar
Pete Burns - Vocals

recorded their first BBC ONE Peel Session
(recorded 04/02/1981, broadcast 17/02/1981).

The tracklist for that session was:
"Nowhere To Nowhere"
"Running Wild"
"Number 11"


...Adanteria... said...

thnx for the info, actually this is a Dead Or Alive I enjoy much more 'cuz the music it's nicer... by the way am looking for the lyrics of this session on BBC, especially the song "Untitled", but this was from another session(guess) in march '82, if you could please note me if you know where I can find the lyrics, thank you very much...

Coach Danny said...

Glad you enjoyed this. My friend loaned me the source tape and I have no other info or lyrics beyond what I gathered and posted.