Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dead Or Alive: I'm Falling

Pete Burns first band was an outfit he formed
with friends Julian Cope, Pete Wylie, and Phil
Hurst. Dubbing themselves The Mystery Girls, they
played only one gig in Liverpool in November 1977,
before disintegrating.

In 1979, Pete Burns formed Gothic rock band
Nightmares in Wax. Their 7" EP titled "Birth of a
Nation" was released in 1980 by Inevitable Records.

In 1980, after several line-up changes since the
start of the year, Burns changed
the name of the band to the more marketable
Dead Or Alive.

"I'm Falling" was released in 1980 on the Inevitable
Music label with the b-side "Flowers".

Bass - Sue
Drums - Joe Musker
Keyboards - Martin
Vocals - Pete

Thanks to my friend Carlos for supplying the sources for these songs.

More info on Dead Or Alive recordings can be found over at

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